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Blogpipe goes back to March 2005 when it became the first blog for the piping and drumming world. All posts are written by Andrew Berthoff, who has been playing the Highland pipes since 1975 with reasonable success along the way. Most of his piping times are committed now to pipes|drums Magazine, teaching, adjudicating, volunteering with associations and playing with the odd pipe band. While pipes|drums is an online magazine of news, features, data and fun, Blogpipe is a personal editorial voice on every manner of topic, from the heavy to the whimsical and everything in-between.

The primary goals of both pipes|drums and Blogpipe are to generate important and thought-provoking topics and generate constructive dialog as a result. On that note, all submitted comments will be reviewed before they are posted. Your commentary and debate are welcomed and encouraged. However, it is requested that you restrict your comments to the topic at hand. Comments that are abusive, threatening, defamatory or libelous, or attacks, ad hominem and otherwise, on fellow posters or anyone else will not be tolerated. Should you engage in this behaviour or otherwise violate the rights of other posters, Blogpipe reserves the right to pursue any and all remedies available to it, including, without limitation, restricting, suspending or terminating your access to this blog, without explanation, prior notice and liability.

The author of the work published here does not necessarily agree with comments. Spelling or grammar will not be corrected. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments entirely. Any comments deemed inappropriate will be removed from the site without explanation, prior notice and liability.

By using this site, you acknowledge and agree that sensibilities vary among people and that you may be exposed to comments you find offensive or otherwise objectionable.

Now that that is out of the way, you should know, if you haven’t already realized that, in addition to piping, Andrew enjoys (in no order of preference) baseball, golf, every other form of music, communications, the Isle of Canna, architecture and design, West Highland Terriers, gadgets and gizmos, Liverpool FC and myriad other stuff. But he adores his wife and daughter.


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