eBay To Go widget

I’m actually just experimenting with this new “eBay To Go” widget, and picked out a random listing. I have no idea who the seller is, but I do know that the CD’s a good one for relatives who like the pipes, but “think it all sounds the same.”

Let me know what you think of the eBay To Go widget!

Turn and face the strange

A few people alerted me to the fact that Gary West and Iain MacInnes’s BBC Radio Scotland Pipeline program last Saturday included a few marches from a broadcast I recorded in 2003 when I was still at the solo thing. (A bit jet-lagged rushy here and there, but not too bad.) Margaret Houlihan’s selection is stellar, and, if for nothing else, go listen to it for that alone.

But hearing it again got me thinking about how much has changed for me since August 2003. A few weeks later, I would turn 40, and a few days after that, my mother would be killed in a car crash. There are tons of very good things of course that have happened since then, too, and I’m grateful for them all.

It is interesting to hear something you’ve done that is locked in a very specific place in time. Some say that the ephemeral nature of music is what makes it so beautiful. It’s a fleeting muse, and capturing and holding a musical moment and all of the emotion and feeling locked up in it is impossible. That’s what makes it so alluring to so many.

But a simple recording like that has the ability to transport one to a completely different place. It’s the elusive time-machine.

More or less

Canada’s “National Newspaper,” The Globe and Mail, launched its new design on Monday. It’s smaller and carries fewer hard news stories, but more features. As is usually the case in matters like this, there’s no reduction in price, even though I’m getting less for the investment.

I closed down the old Piper & Drummer magazine because it just didn’t make sense. It was too expensive to produce, too cumbersome to coordinate, and too slow to distribute. In the end, it cost about $30 a year for four issues.

The new pipes|drums costs $9.99 for the year, and there is actually far more regular, new content than the print magazine ever had. After about six months, I’d say there’s already twice as much as what the quarterly magazine could produce in a year.

And yet I hear stories about people filching subscriptions from their friends because they’re too cheap to shell out the $9.99. Never mind that all proceeds go back into the site or to worthwhile piping causes.

Further, while something like The Globe and Mail charges just as much for less, pipes|drums charges less for much more.

Go figure.