The Boat Time

The Boat Time.

Nothing like being at the back of the canoe with my two favourite paddlers. I’ve posted shots of the Humber River, which flows right through our Toronto neighbourhood, and here’s the lovely Annabel surveying the still vibrant fall colours.

I could easily connect this image to piping (since it’s ultimately how it came about), but I’ll spare the details for now!


  1. Pecan. The king of all pies. The Albert Pujols of pies. The GS McLennan of flans. The Willie McCallum of tarts (um, wait a sec . . .).
  2. Key lime. Must be made with real key limes.
  3. Rhubarb + strawberry. Not big on mixed fruits, but this really works. Easy on the sugar.
  4. Meat. Nothing beats a greezy meat pie with HP, mushy peas and a bottle of Irn Bru (except of course for pecan, key lime and rhubarb-strawberry).
  5. Pumpkin. None of that canned stuff, either. Real poached pumpkin, please.